Artist Statement

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

The above quote happens to be a very true statement, with the bonus of being prettily written. So what do I think about art? Well, I guess I would have to say that art is imagery and expression that comes in all types of mediums — from pencil drawing to oil painting to printmaking to music to theater to sculpture. An artist is successful if he or she is able to convey a feeling to his or her viewers and makes them happy to view it at all.

About my own artwork, I’ve been told that my most of my pieces are composed with similar colors – blues, greens, and other varying hues in the light-pastel spectrum. I usually use pencils, colored pencils, and chalk pastels, although I have been trying to experiment with acrylic paint, markers, and watercolor in my sketchbook pieces. A lot of my sketchbook assignments have painted color backgrounds as I experiment with filling up the white space and layering up subject matter in the forefront. Also, I have found that many of my pieces have to do with food — ice cream cones, cupcakes, cake slices, and so on. I also experimented drawing realistically and more cartoon-like or abstractly. However, if I had to choose between abstract and realistic-style drawings, I would definitely choose realism. Abstract is a little too vague and nebulous of a concept for me, and if given the choice, I usually choose to focus on more discrete objects.